How Much Does A Concrete Mixer And Pump Cost

concrete mixer pump
concrete mixer pump

One of the most vital pieces of equipment in a given construction project is the concrete mixer and pump. Without an efficient and effective concrete mixer pump, many projects won’t be able to meet deadlines. Not meeting deadlines mean that the reputation of the project manager will take a significant hit, as well as the reputation of all of the workers assigned on the project. To avoid getting into any nasty situations through not meeting project deadlines, understanding how much a cement mixer with pump costs is important.

Huge Options For You

Concrete mixer with pumps for sale are usually available with accompanying pumps. When it comes to the costs of a given concrete pump mixer, there will be a large degree of variability. This is because no two concrete mixer pumps are the same. In the same manner, no two accompanying pumps to a given concrete mixing and pumping machine for sale is the same either. Because of this, there’s a huge amount of different options available for a given project. This is both a good and bad thing for project managers.

concrete mixer with pump machine
concrete mixer with pump machine

Find Particular Concrete Mixer And Pump

The good thing about all of the variability when it comes to concrete mixers and pumps is that there’s a huge selection out there. Considering that there’s such a large collection, there’s little doubt that there will be at least one mixer with pump machine that is perfect for a project manager’s project. However, the main problem is actually being able to find the particular concrete mixer and pump out of all that is available that is most suitable for the project that a given manager has been assigned to.

Price Range

Thankfully, through the internet, understanding the costs involved with various concrete mixers and pumps is easy. Furthermore, through understanding the costs involved, a project manager will be able to filter his or her search so that they can see which concrete mixer with pumps are the best for their given price range. The combination of these two scenarios allows for a greater increase in efficiency for a project as a manager is able to get approved a purchase of a better concrete mixer and pump for a project. You need to see the price of concrete mixer and pump, then you can calculate the cost of investing a mixer pump.

concrete mixing and pumping machine
concrete mixing and pumping machine


Generally, the costs that are found for a suitable concrete mixer and pump for a project can range from the low thousands to the high tens of thousands. There is definitely a big variance in pricing. Hence, it is so vital that all assigned to a construction project are able to determine all of the specifications for the project so that they can match it to the various concrete pump with mixer for sale they are looking at. By understanding the specific specifications of a given project, management will be able to pinpoint which kind of mixer and pump will be most suitable for improving the efficiency of the project. There is diesel concrete pump with mixer for sale, which is very efficient, although your electricity is insufficient, it can finish your project, you can learn more about this diesel concrete pump with mixer for sale:

Specifications of concrete mixer with pumps:

Item Unit HBT0804-JZC200 JB30R-JZC350 JB40R-JZC350
Rated Output m3/h 8 30 40
Max. Pressure On Concrete Mpa 4 10 10
Delivery Cylinder mm 140×180 Ф140×1100 180×800
Main Oil Cylinder Bore/Rod Diameter X mm Ф95/60×800 Ф80/55×1200 Ф100/70×1000
Oil Tank Capacity L 100 250 350
Outlet Opening Diameter mm Ф100 Ф100 Ф125
Inner Dia. of Delivery Pipe mm Ф80/100 Ф100 Ф125
Diesel Model CY1115*2(YANMAR) WEIFANG4100 DEUTZ
Diesel Power KW 29.4 62 82
Max. Diameter Of Aggregates mm 20 30 40
Maximum Delivery Horizontal Distance M 100 600 700
Maximum Delivery Vertical Distance M 30 120 150
Mixer Type JZC200 JZC350 JZC350
Capacity of Charge L 200 560 560
Capacity of Discharge L 300 350 350
Water Pump Motor Control Electromagnetic Electromagnetic Electromagnetic
Diameter of Drum mm 1000 1440 1440
Mixing Time s 45-60 45-60 45-60
Length×Width×Height mm 4120×2100×2600 5500×2300×2700 6000×2300×3150
Weight Kg 3000 5000 5200

At the end of the day, it’s up to management and workers to work together so that they can reach a conclusion as to which concrete mixer and pump are best for the project. From there, a large amount of research needs to be performed so that the prices for the mixers and pumps that they are looking at can be found and compared, in an effort to find the best deal possible.

How To Find 3 Ton Overhead Crane For Sale In Reliable Quality And Competitive Price

The purchase of a 3 ton overhead crane does not have to be difficult at all. You can find a reliable one, made of quality components at a competitive price. Some of these are going to be in your immediate area. If it is affordable, it is because it is typically used. What you will want to do is find a manufacturer that will be able to sell you one for the same price yet it will be brand-new. To do this, quite a bit of research needs to be done. This will take you into areas of the world that are outside of your own. In China, there are many companies that produce these and will be able to provide you with exceptional quality when it comes to overhead cranes that are currently for sale.

3 ton overhead crane for sale
3 Ton Overhead Crane

How Do You Begin Your Research For These Cranes?

Your research needs to begin by going online, specifically to websites that showcase industrial products. You will probably find several of them by simply searching for 3 ton overhead cranes. You will then go through the different products they have for sale. Some of them will be sold out, yet others will be available. You then want to check on the background of the businesses that are marketing them. If you can find any information on them at all, or if you can find comments that people made about these different companies, this can help you in making your final selection.

Is It More Cost-Effective To Purchase These Overseas?

It is one of the best ideas if you are looking for a brand-new overhead crane to look in a market outside of your own. In some countries, they are able to produce these for far less than many countries. For example, if you were to buy one of these in China, and you were in the United States, you would see that the same exact model would be far more expensive than the US. Even though the cost of shipping service is going to be substantially higher, it will still be offset by these substantial savings that you will have access to by purchasing from these manufacturers.

How To Request Estimates On The Cost Of These Cranes

You can get estimates from these different companies by sending them an email. This is going to help you obtain this information very quickly. They will usually get back with you in a day or so. You will want to contact at least five or six companies. If you do this during the week, by the end of that workweek, you will have your 3 ton overhead crane ordered. You will know that it will be reliable, and also affordable, based upon the research that you will be doing.

If all you need is a 3 ton overhead crane, and you would like to get it at the best price, you now have the strategies that will help you. Competitive prices are always found in the Orient, primarily because of their ability to produce the best cranes for the lowest prices. This small amounts of effort on your part will probably save you tens of thousands of dollars and lead you to a crane of the highest quality. If you need one now, and you would like to have it shipped this week, follow these suggestions to obtain one.

Here are more information about 3 ton overhead crane: